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About Us

At Global Data Analysis, we are powered by professionals who use diversified tools to bring the maximum out for your business. We keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and provide businesses with powerful edge much required in the IT industry.


Established in the year 2004, Global Data Analysis has repeatedly delivered niche market information for high-performance database marketing. Our solutions and strategies that we provide have helped significant customer growth for national and global companies. Check out our Corporate brochure

Corporate Facts

Over the past 7 years, Global Data Analysis has been involved in international database marketing solutions and delivery services. Here are few of the company facts:


A leading provider of business technology database in the industry, Global Data Analysis aims to help organizations acquire and retain quality and targeted customers through our comprehensive and accurate technology lists.

Reap maximum business results through our power-packed databases. The full batch of services includes:

Technology Applications that we offer: Services that we offer:
  • CRM Users
  • ERP Users
  • Database Application Users
  • Network Application Users
  • Operating System Users
  • Language Application Users
  • Other Application Users
  • Technology Data Solutions
  • Technology Profiling
  • Agency Services
  • Demand Generation
  • Data Management & Hygiene
  • Business Leads

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